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The Skeleton

Supports life, but represents death

The Skeleton and the skull, are often associated with death, they are often used to symbolise death and dying, which is odd because the skeleton is what supports life, it is what keeps us standing, its a scaffolding for our bodies and everything within them.

Skulls and skeletons are inside every living person keeping them alive, however the skeleton only becomes visible when someone has died and decomposed. Maybe this is why they're associated with death, they are the only parts of us that will remain after we have died, the only part of us that will live on.

I created these heart eyed skulls to represent how love, life and death should all come hand in hand, we can't have one without the other. We need each one to be able to appreciate the other, without death we would love as much ad se do, we would live properly. Death makes us appreciate everything and everyone we encounter within our lives

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