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The Giant Vertebrae

The Finishing Pieces

A real vertebrae is strong, it supports living things and even after death is survives, our bones and skeleton will last so much longer than our lives will, they allow us to live on. However, my giant plaster vertebrae wasn't alive in the first place and it certainly won't survive for as long as a real vertebrae would due to the fragility of plaster. But due to the scale of it, even though it won't last forever, hopefully its memorable, hopefully people who do see it remember it so that it can have a purpose in its short like.

My vertebrae may have a short life but because of the size of it, hopefully it will have an impact of everyone who sees it. its aim is to make people aware of death in a gently manner and to show people that death doesn't have to be feared, beauty can be left behind after someone or something dies.

To compliment my vertebrae, I have made a collection of large scale insects all make from bronze. Insects don't often live long lives, but my bronze ones will live forever. For something that can normally easily be crushed, my bronze insects will now outlive my plaster vertebrae.

By displaying by plaster vertebrae and my bronze insects together, hopefully it will show my audience just how precious, valuable and fragile life is and also how beautiful death can be.

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