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Beautifying the Grotesque

Bronze insects

Insects aren't often adored, with their long legs, buzzing wings, and wriggling bodies, these alien like creatures are often disliked. They are small and sometimes big, and they are often found in places they're not wanted, they can sting and they can bite, and are often disliked.

However, I have recreated them in a way they can be loved, I have made them six times the size and turned them into bronze. By doing this it's a way for people to see these insects up close and it given the insects a chance to be admired, to be liked. By turning them into bronze, it also gives them a sense of value, it makes the insects seem more valuable because of the material they are made from, but in reality, the real, alive insects should be seen as much more valuable then a piece of bronze, because they are part of nature and part of life.

Insects often don't live very long lives, they live to mate, lay eggs, reproduce and die. However, my large scale bronze insects will last forever, for something which can normally be easily crushed, my bronze insects are now stronger than bone, my insects will outlive anything living.

My aim with these bugs is to show people the beauty of nature, no matter how small, how creepy, how annoying. Every part of nature should be admired and appreciated because we can't live without it.

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