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The Cicada


Cicadas are fascinating insects. Commonly found in tropical climates, there is only one species of Cicada native to the UK, the New Forrest Cicada. Cicadas start their lives as nymphs, once they hatch they burrow themselves underground, feeding off the roots of trees, some species can live as nymphs for up to 17 years underground. Then they emerge from the earth, climb up the trees, shed their exoskeletons and live for another four to six weeks with wings, in this time they mate, fertilise or lay eggs and start the Cicada life cycle all over again.

Due to the Cicadas behaviours and life cycle, they are often symbolised with rebirth, immortality and resurrection. They show that things can get better, life can get brighter.

After living a life of darkness, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

To me, Cicadas show that things will always get better, no matter what stage of your life you are currently in, how good or bad life and things in life may be, things will always improve. Sometimes things have to be bad before they get better, we need that contrast in our lives to be able to appreciate the good and accept the bad. Just like life and death, we need death to be able to appreciate living and the fragility of our lives.

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