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What does the future hold?

Tarot is often used as a way to give people guidance, It's often thought that they tell people their future, which can be scary if you were to pull the death card, but they are just for guidance, they are used to make you aware of certain things within your life. They make people think about certain and specific elements within their lives and it helps different things come to light, so that things can chance and improve.

When someone pulls the death tarot card it is concerning, they often fear the worst, but the death tarot card doesn't mean you're going to suddenly die, it could mean that something within you life is or should be coming to an end, like a relationship or a commitment or task.

I created a selection of tarot cards, all of which include skulls, which are often seen as a symbol of death. My cards are not meant to be feared, they all include a skull to try and make the death card less intimidating. If every card includes an element of death then hopefully death itself won't be as feared.

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