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Symbols of Death

Symbols of death aren't scary

There are many things that symbolise death and the end of life, some of those for example are, skulls, death head hawk moths, crows, gravestones, hourglasses, coffins, skeletons rotting and decaying fruit and flowers, and many more.

Most of these things aren't scary, they aren't feared, they may not be pleasant to look at but that doesn't make them scary. Maybe by symbolising death is what makes them scary and unpleasant. These symbols are either animals, inanimate objects, nature and science, and none of these should be feared. Has being associated with death made them scary and unpleasant?

Death doesn't have to be scary, just the everything that symbolises death isn't scary, it may not be a very nice if comfortable topic, and these may not be very nice or comfortable images and items, but they are all necessary, they are all a part of life that represents death.

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