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Surreal Life

Digital figures

This image (below) is a porcelain deer vertebrae I made, it is four times the size of an actual deer vertebrae that I found, and it is much more delicate than the real one, once it was made I photographed it and I used 'Procreate' on my iPad to edit out the background, leaving this vertebrae jut floating on a black background. It's an eery image and for people who don't often see deer vertebrae (which will be many people) it's something almost surreal.

With this first image (above) I then duplicated it many times, edited the sizes and arranged them into these patterns, as a real vertebrae would be connected to many other vertebrae to create an entire spine, but because I only had one vertebrae, I made many to create a type of spinal cord. However, instead of looking like a spine, it looks more like a surreal floating object.

I created these shared with one individual nature inspired item, and the outcomes look both natural and man-made, some images flow with a free, natural feel to them, and some feel very forced, like a crafted every lasting object that's been frozen in time. Even though these figures are still images, they look as though they should have some motion to them, they look as though they should be moving, just like a spine would be.

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