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Quick Creations

"Good" art can be created quickly

I am a perfectionist when it comes to making artwork, I like to get every single detail and make things look as realistic as possibly, and I will often spend a lot of time doing so. So at the beginning of third year, we were given a brief to make three quick creations in one day. This was very out of my comfort zone because I like to take my time with my artwork to make them perfect.

My first piece (below left) I made with objects I had around me, I used a large glass demijohn bottle and a deer vertebrae and placed the vertebrae upside-down in the opening, I created an unusual sculpture, with two found objects that would never normally be seen together. The second piece (below middle) I also used objects I had around me, I had previously found this deer antler and deer vertebrae's in the woods and took them to University to make art. For this piece I simple placed a vertebrae on every point, creating an eery natural form. For the Third piece (below right) I went down a different route, I found some newsprint paper and rolled it up, tore it and shaped it in different ways to create the form of a mushroom, I painted the mushroom roughly with acrylic paint and I stuck the stem of the mushroom into a little glass bottle I found to keep it standing. Although I made it quickly it still resembles the form of a mushroom, you are able to tell what it is.

By doing this task, I discovered that I can make great, quirky, unique art within a short, limited time period. I don't always have to spend hours making something for it to be "good", even if I make something in five minuets it can still be "amazing". I mustn't limit myself. Anything and everything can be transformed with art.

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