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Fear of the Unknown

Do you fear death?

To gain a better understanding of how other people feel about death, I did a POL on my instagram account to get peoples responses, I thought this would be a good way to learn about my audience and to create future art in response to their replies and thoughts.

The first question was "Which item do you think symbolises death?", with four options,

1. Gravestones 2. Coffin 3. Crow and 4. Skull. I thought that the skull would be the thing most associated with death, but I was wrong. Gravestones was the most popular option, which makes sense, as gravestones are only ever found in a graveyard where people are buried once they die.

The second question was "Do you fear death?", with the options 'yes' or 'no'. I thought that 'yes' would be the most popular answer by miles. It was the most popular answer, but 54% of people answered 'yes' and 46% of people answered 'no'. I thought that more people would answer 'yes' because death is often feared my most people, but that's obviously wrong.

My last question was "Why do we fear death?", with a text box for people to type their own individual answers. There was a variety of answers from all different people but the most common answer was "fear of the unknown". More answers to this question are below:

"It defeats the point of life and also is the point of life" - Amy

"Fear of Leaving loved ones behind" - Becks

"We don't know what its like to die" - Chioma

"The fear of what's next (if anything) - the unknown" - Sam

"The fear of not having done enough in a lifetime" - Jess

"We don't know what's on the other side, and that's scary" - Amy

"It sounds painful and it's unknown. What if I haven't done everything I wanted to" - Katie

"Pain, the fear of the unknown" - Jamie

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