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Does Death Unite Us?

Eventually, we all die

There are 8 billion people in the world, and each and every one of us are completely different, the two things that unite us is the fact that we were born and the fact that we will all one day die, death is the only certainty within everyone’s life, and there’s no way to stop it. We may all be different people living different lives but one day death will come for everyone so we must make the most of the time we have left to live, breathe and be mortal.

“Death does not discriminate, and it makes every single one of us equal.” (anonymous NHS worker)

Everyone will have a different life and a different death all depending on their own personal experiences they have been through throughout their lives. Some people will be rich and some people will be less fortunate, it doesn’t matter how wealthy one is, or your race, or religion or anything that makes us unique, we all came from nothing, and eventually we will once again return to nothing, and this sensitive fact will happen or has happened to each and every one of us who live on this earth, human and non-human.

"Mass" by Ron Mueck

This artwork by Ron Mueck consists of a gallery space full of one hundred large scale skulls. This is an incredibly dramatic piece of artwork due to the size of the skulls and due to the fact that they are taking over a whole room in a gallery. It’s such a contrast to see these symbols of death somewhere that is full of life. What makes these so interesting is that one would not normally come across skulls in a gallery space. Skulls, bones, and body parts that once belonged to someone alive are often found in museums and science labs to be examined, not for the public to admire. However, due to the size of Mueck’s skulls, it is made clear that these did not in fact belong to any living being we have ever seen before, it holds that element of mystery. Where did these skulls come from, and who were they before they were here.

Death within art is a way for us mortals to appreciate our lives and think about everything we are grateful for in our unique, individual lives, howeverdifferent we may be, the part of us that we all have in common is within. Is this what unites us all? The fact that we are all made of the same thing. We were all conceived and brought into this world the same way, and we will all eventually leave this world the same way, we won’t all die from the same cause or reason, but eventually we will all die.

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