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Collecting Nature

Why do I collect things?

Collecting and foraging from the natural world plays a big role in my artwork. With these natural elements that I've collected and foraged from the countryside around me, I either use them within my art work, or I use them to inspire my artwork. The natural world is incredibly detailed and beautiful and it often gets unseen by many people, I like to use my artwork to show people the beauties of nature.

Due to living in the country side I have been incredibly lucky to be able to embrace nature every day. Surrounded by woodlands, there's plenty of nature for me to explore and find little things. Most of the bits I collect are dead, whether that's a piece of lichen fallen from a tree or a rabbit skull hidden amongst the brambles. But death is also a big, important part of nature, its a part that may be scary and unknown, but everything living within nature must one day die so that other natural things can live.

Collecting is a way for me to appreciate all these little beauties within nature, dead and alive, and also for me to show these beauties to others.

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