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The Beauty of Death 

Award Winning Art

This piece of work is inspired by life and death with the use of recreated objects from within the natural world, all these objects have been altered with the use of scale and material, they are not replicas of nature, they are recreations of nature. I have created these nature inspired sculptures to show my audience the beauty of nature, but more particular, the bits of nature that is often unseen, such as death. Death is seen as a taboo and unsettling topic which often goes unseen and unspoken, so I have created my sculptures to confront my audience with this unsettling topic in a gently manner. The use of scale is very present in my work, it makes these items that would often be so small and unnoticed finally seen and finally appreciated. With my work I aim to change people views on death, to show people that death doesn’t have to be the end. Death doesn’t have to be a scary thing, it is a beautiful, natural process that people need to accept. Without death there is no life, death is just a part of life, living things must die for other living things to thrive. 

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