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Hebe McKenzie is a multi media Fine Art graduate of The University for the Creative Arts in Farnham UK, using a variety of materials from prints, clay, plaster, bronze, foraged natural forms and many more. Hebe grew up in the countryside of West Sussex surrounded by nature, which is where her love and passion for making artwork inspired by the natural world began. 

"My artwork is inspired by nature, life and death. Death and nature are two very important aspects of life and aspects of my artwork. I use the themes of nature and death within my artwork to make my audience aware of the beauty within the natural world, I love using and incorporating natural forms and elements within my work, my aim is to show people the beauty of nature that often go unseen and to preserve parts of nature and give the a second life." - Hebe McKenzie


2018-2020 Level 3 Art and Design at Northbrook College - Worthing 

2020-2023 Fine Art BA(hons) at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) - Farnham 


'Cellophane Wrapper' - Proteus Creation Space 2023

'UCA Degree Show' - UCA Farnham 2023

'Dreams Throughout Art' - Online Exhibition 2023

'Fine Art Crit Show Top 10' - UCA Linear Gallery 2023

'Continuum' - Lion and Lamb Yard 2022

'Paradoxical Pirates' - Espacio Gallery 2022

'Riding High' - UCA Linear Gallery 2022

'Matters of Care' - UCA Linear Gallery 2021

'UCA Stretched' - UCA Linear Gallery 2021

'Digitopias' - Virtual Exhibition 2021


'Things that Move and Live' - Farnham Park 2021

'Love, Loss and (In)difference' - Lion and Lamb 2022

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